Testimonials – Music Journalism Bootcamp

The pace was brill. Feel like all bases have been covered … Very enjoyable and inspiring. I didn’t want it to end! This course has provided me with what I feel are invaluable building blocks. Just fab!

Ruby M.

I found the Bootcamp very comprehensive – there was a lot of information supplied on each topic, e.g. news writing; feature writing. The slides were very useful. I liked the reality of the industry presented and how to get round some obstacles. I also liked the update on media law – discussed concisely but still as necessary … [I would] most certainly [recommend the courses]. I’ve chatted to a friend about it already!

Livvy F.

I hoped to gain confidence in how best to go about freelancing in music. [The Music Journalism Bootcamp] definitely delivered on that … [I would recommend it] to anyone interested in music writing.

Tara J.

A lot of interesting and useful information is covered in a short time. Teachers and guest speakers are encouraging and engaging, giving useful advice that can be applied practically. A valuable learning experience for anyone interested in the field. By the end of the course, I felt confident and knowledgeable enough to try and start a freelance career.

Jocelyn C.

[The Music Journalism Bootcamp delivered] a wealth of knowledge around the subject.

Joe P.

[I liked] the access to so many real views from speakers working in the business. The coverage of topics was perfect, and exactly as specified. Jen is a great teacher: clear, concise and able to go into more depth on topics if needed … An excellent course, covering all aspects of the industry. Built up my confidence, and the expert speakers were insightful and approachable to help with further work.

Hannah P.